Investigation Discovery Live

Investigation Discovery is an American TV network held by Discovery, Inc. that features documentary-style programming dealing with true crime problems, mostly those of a violent nature. As of February 2015, about 86,062,000 American households (73.9% of households with TV) get Investigation Discovery.

The channel began in 1996 under the name Discovery Civilization Network: The World History and Geography Channel. It was one of four digital channels rolled out by Discovery Communications simultaneously in October 1996. Ideas for the channel had surfaced in November 1994, when its working name was “Time Traveler.”
Most of ID’s programs are original products, but it including airs re-titled off-network reruns, including ABC’s 20/20, CBS’ 48 Hours, and NBC’s Dateline.

On June 7, 2015, ID broadcasted its first-ever scripted mini-series; Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay chronicled the investigation of sentenced (and later executed) serial killer Ted Bundy. A second installment, Serial Thriller: The Chameleon, premiered as a two-part miniseries in December 2015, chronicling the crimes that occurred in the execution of American serial killer Stephen Morin.